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About GPT Sites – What are they?

If you’ve ever searched “how to make money online” on Google, I’m sure you’ve visited those GPT sites. Well, what are they exactly?

GPT stands for Get-Paid-To. Get-Paid-To sites claim to pay you to complete some sort of tasks, such as reading email or completing offers. Well, the huge question that everyone asks is: ARE GPT SITES LEGIT?

It depends. Let’s compare these two websites:

First let’s take a look at GPTInfinity’s website. Click on the link above.

WOW! The home page looks pretty, doesn’t it? Don’t let that trick you, though. Let’s look at the first clue if GPTInfinity is a scam site or not.

From the home page, you can see that “Live Support” is offline. Well, check a few hours later and you will still see that it is still offline. Trust me (and I have checked), there is not a single minute where “Live Support” is actually online. A huge factor when discerning which GPT sites are scams and which ones aren’t is support. If support is ALWAYS offline, you can be sure that your questions are never going to be answered. If no live support is offered (on many legit sites there is actually no live support), send an email to the site owner and simply wait. If that response email comes (make sure it is not auto-generated), the site is probably siding towards legit. If the owner never responds, just don’t bother with that GPT program anymore.

As for SquishyCash, there is no live support offered, but there is a detailed FAQ and a “ticket” system. The ticket system works like email; you send the owner of SquishyCash a question, and they will respond within 24 hours. Try it; they actually respond!

Now, the next thing to check for is a forum. All GPT sites, legit or scam, should have a forum. For GPTInfinity, there is no forum link on the homepage. However, when you click on any of GPTInfinity’s links (for example click the FAQ link) to go to another page, suddenly a forum link appears on the site’s navigation bar. Well, click the forum link. You can see their forum:

Yep, as you can see, they have a non-existent forum. But they tried hard to trick you into thinking that they did by provided a link to it. So when you are scam-checking a GPT site that has a forum link, be sure to actually check to see if the forum actually exists or not. Take a look at SquishyCash’s forum: As you can see, there is an existing forum that users have posted in.

The third major factor in the scam-or-legit debate is a community. GPTInfinity offers NO METHOD of communicating with other members of the site; no two people can connect with each other. On the other hand, once you sign up and become a member on SquishyCash, you can see a “shoutbox” where users can type messages and interact with each other. Only legitimate GPT sites offer this kind of service.

Now we can obviously conclude that GPTInfinity is a scam site, and SquishyCash is most likely not.

The three big factors mentioned above are the major deciders in the hunt for scam and legit GPT sites. But there are other indicators too.

Common signs of a SCAM site:

  • no existing form of support
  • no forum
  • no interaction between members
  • poor site layout (missing links, page not found, etc.)
  • claims for “getting rich overnight”
  • asks for personal financial information (if you see this from a site, close that site and NEVER go back to it)
  • no proof of payment (or fake proof, discussed later)

Common signs of a LEGIT site:

  • reasonable support
  • good forum (numerous posts per day)
  • interaction between members (shoutbox, games, etc.)
  • NEVER asks for financial info
  • real proof of payment

Of course, I haven’t listed every single thing, but you get the idea how to tell a scam site from a legit one.

Now, a HUGE topic with a lot of controversy is payment proof. First, let’s start with the obvious: scam sites will either never pay you or only pay people sporadically, but legit sites will pay you in full. But you don’t want to spend hours of time doing surveys to only find that you won’t get paid, do you? So how can we tell before-hand whether or not a GPT site will pay?

A scam site will either provide no proof of payment at all or give you a fake proof of payment. For example, check out the scam’s proof of payment page: What do you notice? THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. could’ve just decided to make multiple accounts and pay them. But none of those accounts that got paid could actually be proven to be linked to an account created by a user.

A legit site will provide proof of payment via a forum or a user-posted page. Let’s take a look at SquishyCash’s proof of payment page: As you can see, ALL the proofs of payment are posted by the users themselves! That is the true sign of a legit site.

We’ve seen how we can tell between scam and legit GPT sites. But don’t let yourself do all the dirty work and fall into some traps; let the professionals do it. Here I’ve gathered a list of the top 3 GPT review sites that I use. They take their precious time figuring out which sites are scam and which are legit so you don’t have to.

GPT Review Sites:

And of course, I will be doing my own in-depth GPT reviews right here on Big Bux Blog!

Well, that’s it for GPT sites in general. So long, and I wish you great success at earning money online with Big Bux Blog!


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  1. Riaan van Wyk says

    Thank you soo much for sharing your research i was caugth in one of these scams but now after reding your blog i learned so much.

    Thanks again

  2. rokr says

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    the site was prizelive .

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  3. paymentinstall GPT says

    Thank you soo much for sharing your research i was caugth in one of these scams but now after reding your blog i learned so much.

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