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GPT Infinity Review – Scam or Real?

Today we’ll be looking at the GPT website GPT Infinity. If you’re new to GPT sites and don’t know much about them, you can see my post about GPT sites in general here. If you do know some basic knowledge about GPT sites, this thorough examination of GPT Infinity will help you decide whether GPT sites found on the internet are scams or not.

Well, let’s get started!

GPT Infinity – First Impressions

Let’s start by looking at GPT Infinity’s home page here.

WOW! It looks really pretty and eye-catching, right? I’d give a nice rating to the site design of GPT Infinity, as its color scheme, font, and page layout all are pleasing to the eye. But pretty isn’t everything, right? Let’s explore a little deeper.

GPT Infinity’s homepage text reads:

Who We Are
GPT Infinity is a reputable high caliber “GPT” service for those serious about making money online. At GPT Infinity, you Get Paid To (GPT) sign up for free websites, fill out surveys, subscribe to newsletters, and much much more.”

The description is a slightly inaccurate, as GPT services aren’t for those “serious about making money online”. Also, we don’t know whether GPT Infinity is reputable or not.

If you’ve read my previous post on GPT sites in general, I listed 3 main factors to determine if a GPT site is legit or not: support, forum, and community. Let’s examine these 3 aspects to see whether GPT Infinity is a scam or not.


On GPT Infinity’s home page, you can see the “Live Support” dialogue, which currently says “offline”. Well, check an hour later, a day later, or maybe a week later, and you’ll see that support is still offline. My point? Live support is nonexistent for GPT Infinity.

Why is support so important? When you are earning money on GPT sites, the website holds the money for you and is in charge of paying you. So if there is no way to contact the webmaster or owner, how can you be sure that the website will pay you? Thus support is needed to know that there is actually a person owning the website who will respond to you. Trust me, 99% of all GPT scam sites DO NOT possess a form of support.

Since there is absolutely no form of support on GPT Infinity, we can reasonably argue that GPT Infinity is not a very trustworthy website. But let’s keep examining.


A forum is one of the most important elements in a GPT site. Forums are what help users like you determine that people actually use the GPT site. From the home page of GPT Infinity, there is no link to a forum of any kind. Kind of suspicious, eh? Well, click on one of the links on the navigation bar, for example “FAQ”. Look at the navigation bar. Suddenly a “Forum” link pops up! So there’s no link to the forum from GPT Infinity’s home page, but there is on the “FAQ” page. In my opinion, if GPT Infinity doesn’t want people to see the “Forum” link on its home page, the site probably doesn’t even have a forum. Let’s test it out; click on the “Forum” link (also accessible through here). This is what I get:

GPT Infinity

A beautiful blank screen. This is NOT what you want a GPT forum to look like. So now we can conclude GPT Infinity does not have a forum, further decreasing its site integrity.


Usually, an honest GPT site will have a community where members can talk to one another. This is most often accomplished by placing a shout box (a community chat box) on the home page, where members can type questions and comments about the website. Obviously, GPT Infinity does not have one of these; users have no method of interacting with others. The absence of a community is the final deciding factor of whether GPT Infinity is a scam site or not.

GPT Infinity: Scam or Real?

As my analysis shows, GPT Infinity is NOT the kind of GPT site you want to be dedicating hours of your life on. The absence of support, a forum, and a community overwhelmingly places GPT Infinity into the “scam” category of GPT sites.

My advice: STAY AWAY from GPT Infinity or you will be spending a lot of time gaining absolutely nothing.


Hopefully you can see how I determined that GPT Infinity was a scam site using my 3 methods. When you are searching online for GPT sites, keep my advice and be wise in choosing which ones you will be loyal to.

That’s all for this post! Look for more reviews of GPT sites on Big Bux Blog by subscribing here!

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